Fadriah Syuaib

Fadriah is an artist from Ternate, North Maluku. She is interested in the arts since elementary school. She started pursuing arts activities more consistently in 2004 in a collective exhibition “Bicara Bahasaku” (‘Speak My Language’), an exhibition that explores the issue of peace-building, a first of its kind during the transition period in North Maluku after the violent eruption of ethnic and religious conflict. For 15 years, Fadriah pursues the aesthetic journey, learning by herself (auto-didact) employing different social and woman visions. In 2018, Fadriah received a grant from the US consulate in Surabaya through a program of mural painting “Perempuan Bicara Perempuan” (Woman Speak Woman) that was done in Ternate. From Yayasan Kelola, she was given a grant “Hibah Cipta Perdamaian” to organize a theatre show and making a documentary film about the management of a public space as educational and cultural space in Dodoku Ali, a region in Ternate. She graduated with Masters of Arts from the Indonesian Arts Institute Surakarta. Currently she is working on art projects in Ternate through the community platform of Kampong Warna and Magazin Art Space, that function as educational platform for artists and literature enthusiasts in Ternate and North Maluku.